Want to sell your home without using an agent? This guide is for you!

Which one are you?

How's the Market?

This house doesn’t fit our needs anymore. Maybe your family has out grow the house or maybe you have too much space, either way, you know you need to move. But can you sell at a price to have enough money for the house you need?

Do It Yourselfer

I got this! I know that I can do a great job selling my house on my own. I have been watching the market in my neighborhood and can price my property to sell.

Explore My Options

I would love to take a shot at selling my house without an agent to save the commission. I think I am technologically savvy enough to get the job done on my own.


I have invested in real estate for years and understand the market. I take all the risk and do all the work to prepare a beautiful property to go to market, why should I give an agent a commission?

Agents Cost What?!

I can get a photographer to take some photos. I can hold an open house and negotiate the sale. I can even get a buyer in contact with a lender. I can over see the details to get to closing. So is that big commission just for access to the MLS?

Or maybe you’re a little like all of them!

I have been there too!

I started investing in real estate over 10 years ago and had all the same thoughts and questions along the way.

The way I solved them was to get licensed and worked my way to become a broker.

I manage properties and find tenants for rentals.

I have fixed homes up and resold them so that neighborhoods don’t decline from vacant property.

I have made real estate my career and it has taken a lot of time.


Number of Homes sold using the Multiple Listing Service

But you don’t have that time and need to sell now!

Our listing packages give you options so you don’t have to pay high commissions to get your house sold!

It is all explained in this FREE guide!