For Sale By Owner Real Estate

Selling your house without an agent does not need to be an intimidating task.

With a little guidance and access to the right tools, you can market your property like a pro and save big on commissions along the way.

Our listing packages put you in the driver’s seat and allow your to make the decisions that work best for your situation, rather than requiring you to accept a one size fits all listing contract.

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You Can’t Afford to Sell Yourself Short

With over 90% of Buyers searching for property online, you owe it to yourself to market your house to the millions of people on the internet!

The 5 Step Process for a Real Estate Transaction

The Decision

This may sound simple but it is a major first step. If you are not fully committed to selling your property, you will have a difficult time with the rest of the process. Selling your house is an emotional and time consuming task. You need to know the reasons you feel it it time to sell so you can be confident about the other choice you will need to make.

The Research

Now it is time to start researching the logistics of selling your house. You will want to review your finances (ie. the loan balance of your mortgage), as well as starting to get an idea about your property’s value. These two figures will help guide you through other decision such as whether or not to use an agent, how much down payment will you have for your next home, and how the market in your area is doing.

The Listing

During this stage you want to prepare your property for sale. You will decide what repairs need to be completed, you will declutter to begin to stage the house, and you will set tentative dates to help keep you on track. This is also when you need to set up your marketing plan (or interview agents if you plan to use their services).
Once you have fully prepared your property to be presented to the world in the best possible light, it is time to list the house for sale. In this stage, it is vital to have quality pictures of the interior and exterior, a well written summary of the property’s best features, and to an determined an appropriate pricing strategy to ensure the highest potential for a timely and profitable sale.

The Negotiations

Now that you have the house on the market, you will begin to get inquiries from prospective buyers. Schedule appointments to show the house and focus on you needs and desires as you meet with people. Politely ask for their timeframe to decide, how many other properties they have seen, and whether they are pre-approved for a mortgage. Be sure to not share too much information that would jeopardize you postion (ie. how much you owe on the house), but encourage the prospect to prepare their offer in writing.

The Closing

Now that you have an offer, your work is not complete. You need to focus on getting the details taken care of to make sure the property closes on time. We advise you to hire a real estate attorney and a settlement company to assist with all the elements necessary to safely and legally full transfer title of your property. If you are the one handling this process, you need to make sure that you don’t miss dates and items on the contract because that will just delay your closing.

For Sale By Owner Listing Packages

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